Posted By: Olivier Commowick - Sep 8, 2020
Tool/Resource: Anima scripts
We are happy to announce a major update release of Anima scripts, a set of scripts that use Anima to perform complex preprocessing and core processing tasks on medical images. This repository is multi-platform (as long as python is available for your system). Atlasing scripts require an OAR scheduler. We hope this release will help your research in some way !

This new release contains the following updates:
- Documentation has moved to read-the-docs for an easier to read version.
- New general website for Anima and Anima scripts available
- Requires Anima v4.0 or higher
- Atlasing scripts now produce all their main results in a residualDir folder and better support input file extensions
- Updated atlas for brain extraction in additional data
- Minor bug corrections in diffusion and relaxometry scripts
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