Posted By: aaron_carass - Nov 2, 2021
Tool/Resource: Brain Biomechanics Imaging Resources
* 10 subjects from the Henry Jackson Foundation, imaged with tagged magnetic resonance.
* 10 subjects from University of Delaware, imaged with high resolution magnetic resonance elastography at multiple frequencies (30Hz, 50Hz, 70Hz).
* 10 subjects from Washington University in St. Louis, imaged with magnetic resonance elastography at multiple frequencies (20Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 70Hz, 90Hz).
* All data includes structural magnetic resonance images (T1-w, T2-w) and diffusion weighted images.
* The structural images have been processed with SLANT-MACRUISE. The diffusion images with TORTOISE.
* Individual subjects can be downloaded or complete site sets.
* Site information and subject details can be found in the available BBIR documents.
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