Posted By: Zhi Yang - May 17, 2022
Tool/Resource: MRI brain template for Chinese children from 1 to 6 years old
We share the year-by-year templates we constructed from a sample of typical developing Chinese children.

For each age bin in 1-6, we share the following data:

mixed-sex brain template image (n = 30)
sex-specific brain template image (n = 15)
tissue label mask (ventricles, cerebral cortex, cerebral white matter, subcortical grey matter, brain stem, and cerebellum)
An example of the tissue label mask overlaid on the brain template (age 1)

Please cite this paper for using these materials:

Hongxi Zhang, Jia Li, Xiaoli Su, Yang Hu, Tianmei Liu, Shaoqing Ni, Haifeng Li, Xi-Nian Zuo, Junfen Fu, Ti-Fei Yuan, Zhi Yang, Growth charts of brain morphometry for preschool children,NeuroImage,2022,119178,

Technical details
The children included in this dataset are neurologically normal, as screened by neurologists and radiologists.

The images were acquired using 1.5T Philips scanner.

The templates were constructed using ANTs' template construction procedure:

To align the template images to the upright position, we applied a rigid alignment that only adjust the positions and orientations of the images.

In the folder, we provide a mixed-sex template (n=30) and sex-specific templates (n=15) for each age bin. The files are named as:

"T_{age}_template0_Warped.nii.gz" for the mixed-sex templates;

"T_{age}{sex}_template0_Warped.nii.gz" for the sex-specific templates.

"Labels_{age}_Warped.nii.gz" for the tissue label maps. Values and meanings in the maps:

1 Ventricles
2 Cerebral cortex
3 Cerebral white matter
4 Subcortical grey matter
5 Brain stem
6 Cerebellum
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