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Aug 28, 2023  12:08 PM | Sarah Marchand
ROI projection on a very inflated brain

Hello everyone!

I'm a PhD student in neuroimaging and I'm currently struggling to visualize my ROIs on a "very inflated" brain. 
I made a first figure where, with CARET5, I projected activations (spm-T file) on a very inflated brain.
I would now like to represent the position of my spherical ROIs (which I have in .nii format) on the same type of surface (very inflated). However, I've tried CARET, FreeSurfer, BrainNet Viewer, FSLeyes, and I can't find any way of obtaining a very inflated brain with reduced opacity (to see my innermost ROIs), which also allows me to project my 5 ROIs simultaneously. 

Do you have a suggestion? 

Thanks for your help!