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Jul 10, 2019

NITRC facilities maintenance

NITRC will be using a maintenance window on Thursday, July 11 from 6:30 AM EDT to 9:00 AM EDT (1030 to 1300 GMT). We don't expect the system to be fully offline for that entire period...
NITRC Community
Jul 9, 2019

Updates to version 5 of the IIT atlas are now available

Few updates to version 5 of the IIT atlas are now available. More specifically: 1) An updated manual which now includes a) an updated chapter on how to use the IIT atlas in TBSS, and...
IIT Human Brain Atlas (v.5.0)
Jul 3, 2019

Dallas Lifetime Brain Study and HBN Releases 5 and 6

The NITRC Image Repository now contains data from the Dallas Lifespan Brain Study (DLBS) and all releases from the Child Mind Institute Healthy Brain Network (HBN). DLBS will follow...
NITRC Image Repository (NITRC-IR)
Jul 1, 2019


This software can be run in a 64-bit version of Windows. Several bugs have been modified in this version.
Virtual digital brain
Jun 27, 2019

Links to source code

Hi DKE users, We now have source code available on GitHub at We are no longer developing DKE. Instead, we are switching to NYU’s DESIGNER pipeline...
Diffusional Kurtosis Estimator
Jun 25, 2019

ITK-SNAP 3.8 released!

This version introduces an exciting new feature: the Distributed Segmentation Service (DSS). This service allows developers to make various image segmentation algorithms available to...
Jun 21, 2019

The ERICA Toolbox for Event Related ICA released!

This is the first public release of the ERICA Toolbox for Event Related Independent Component Analysis. ERICA Version 2.0beta01.
The ERICA Toolbox for Event Related Independent Component Analysis
Jun 18, 2019

OHBM Open Science Special Interest Group (SIG)

Nominations are open to join the OHBM Open Science Special Interest Group (SIG). The mission of the Open Science SIG is to promote openness and transparency in neuroimaging and neuroscience....
NITRC Community
Jun 17, 2019

SIGMA Rat Brain Space v1.0 released

Rat brain imaging studies offer an access to deep and varied information of the brain physiology in normal and pathological conditions, allowing experimental protocols and investigations...
SIGMA Rat Brain Templates and Atlases
Jun 13, 2019

NITRC-CE v0.49 released and introducing NITRC-CE LITE

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC-CE v0.49, featuring the addition of Neurodocker, assistance for running BIDS apps, upgrades to various software, and usability enhancements. We...
NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE)