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Sep 1, 2021

NITRC v2.1.57 released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC v2.1.57. While much of this release focuses on infrastructure, we also roll out the final enhancements from several months' focus on...
NITRC Community
Jul 16, 2021

NITRC v2.1.56 released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC v2.1.56. Much of the work in this release has focused on infrastructure, with an emphasis on the foundations for search features that...
NITRC Community
Jul 14, 2021

Adults update

This is release of the adults templates, version 3. It is a major release and likely the last version for the adults and other ages. There may be minor releases with new data types,...
Neurodevelopmental MRI Database
Jun 29, 2021

First public release, v0.2

mri_reface replaces identifiable face information in MRI scans to help prevent potential re-identification via face recognition. Faces are replaced with an average face, rather than...
Jun 24, 2021

NITRC OHBM booth and Poster 2373 on-line chat sessions

While once again virtual this year, NITRC is an exhibitor at OHBM 2021. Check out our booth here: And, if your interested in the new poster...
NITRC Community
Jun 1, 2021

Anima v4.1 released

We are happy to announce the release of version 4.1 of Anima, a set of ITK/VTK based libraries and multi-platform command line tools for medical image analysis (image registration,...
Jun 1, 2021

Anima scripts v3.1 released

We are happy to announce a feature update release of Anima scripts, a set of scripts that use Anima to perform complex preprocessing and core processing tasks on medical images. This...
Anima scripts
May 28, 2021

New Demo Available: Using NITRC-IR Data with NITRC-CE

David Kennedy, Ph.D., takes you through all you need to know to use NITRC-CE Lite. View it here > - Launching a CE-Lite - Selecting an instance -...
NITRC Computational Environment (NITRC-CE)
May 25, 2021

Community review: The Five Recommendations for FAIR Software

Hello! INCF has a new best practice that is in the community review stage of the standards and best practices endorsement process! The review period has been extended until May 28. The...
NITRC Community
May 21, 2021

NITRC v2.1.55 released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC-R v2.1.55. This release addresses a number of usability issues and improves wiki functionality. A number of search enhancements were...
NITRC Community