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Nov 24, 2020

New Surfice release

version 2-November-2020 (v1.0.20201102) - Improve [GIfTI]( support. - Improve support for VirtualBox and Mesa drivers. - Script...
Surf Ice
Nov 20, 2020

NIH Releases New Policy for Data Management and Sharing

[reposted from NIH Extramural Nexus (NIH/OD) <>] NIH Releases New Policy for Data Management and Sharing Guest blog by Carrie Wolinetz ( Nearly...
NITRC Community
Nov 17, 2020

New release version

MRIcroGL 2-November-2020 with dcm2niix has been released. - Updated dcm2niix - Faster performance - Additional supported image formats - Only requires OpenGL 2.1 (rather than...
Nov 13, 2020

Cancer Imaging Program Current Funding Opportunities

Current Funding Opportunities CIP requests applications from investigators for various NCI sponsored grants. Current funding opportunities include calls for research into quantitative...
NITRC Community
Nov 10, 2020

MR-TIM v2.1 released

* solved issue in v2.0 * minor improvements
MR-TIM: MR-based head tissue modelling
Oct 30, 2020

Brain Mapping in the Age of Covid 19: Global Insights

By Tzipi Horowitz & Nils MuhlertInstitutions throughout the world have had to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many scanning centres shut their doors during lockdown, and have had...
Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Oct 27, 2020

MR-TIM: MR-based head tissue modelling v2.0 released

:: MR-TIM v2.0 :: ! New user interface ! Improved method ! Online user guide
MR-TIM: MR-based head tissue modelling
Oct 21, 2020

Melbourne Subcortex Atlas Tian2020MSA v1.0 released

Melbourne Subcortex Atlas (Tian et al 2020 Nat Neurosci) is now available in NITRC.
Melbourne Subcortex Atlas
Oct 13, 2020

New version release : DTIAtlasFiberAnalyzer 1.8.1

New version 1.8.1 is released If you have questions or suggestions, please contact to SK Park via Or, you can post an issue at Thanks. SK Changes...
DTI Fiber Tract Statistics
Oct 6, 2020

Nutil v404 released.

Nutil v404 has several new features implemented. Quantifier assigns unique IDs to each object in the output images and reports allowing identification of individual object features....
Nutil - Neuroimaging utilities