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Feb 3, 2010  09:02 AM | Daniel Haehn
RE: Installation help
Hi Dave,

hey I see you already changed some stuff in the repo!

So to develop additional functionality, I suggest the following environment:

a) build slicer from source
- checkout the latest Slicer sourcecode
- build slicer
- cd Slicer3 (not build)
- run Scripts/extend.tcl Extensions/VmtkSlicerModule.s3ext
- run Scripts/extend.tcl Extensions/VMTKVesselEnhancement.s3ext

then the base VMTK library module gets build and uploaded to the extension server.

now install the VmtkSlicerModule and VMTKVesselEnhancement with the extension wizard in 3D Slicer

b) use slicer nightly build
- download nightly build
- use extension wizard to install VmtkSlicerModule and VMTKVesselEnhancement

You want to modify the python code of VMTKVesselEnhancement, which is at:

Do your coding, and after each Slicer restart it automatically loads the new code.

When the changes are stable, commit *.py from VMTKVesselEnhancement.

@your install script:
I think the extension build system should be the way to go for distributing the modules. They depend on Slicer 3.5 anyway so the wizard is available to everybody. Nobody has to deal with CMake etc. then. The CMake files are configured for the extension build system. The installation instructions in the repository are outdated :)


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