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Jul 21, 2011  07:07 AM | Ido Yerushalmy
RE: Installation help
Hi Daniel,
I followed your instructions below in step (a) ONLY and indeed got the latest code for VMTK (the last operation I performed was 'run Scripts/extend.tcl Extensions/VMTKVesselEnhancement.s3ext').
I then performed some changes in the VMTK code, which I would like test via Slicer.

As I understand it, if I use the import wizard you suggested, the VMTK code will be taken from the svn, and NOT from my private version. Is this correct?
I tried to make Slicer use my version by going to: View->Application Settings -> Module settings,  and add the following directory as a preset: C:\Slicer3\Slicer3-ext\VmtkSlicerModule-install\lib\Slicer3\Modules

However, this does not add the VMTK module (even after Slicer has been restarted).

Could you please help with this?

Thanks a lot,

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RE: Installation help
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