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Jan 17, 2017  10:01 AM | Pravesh Parekh - National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences
Potential bug while using dcm2niix module

I just moved to MRIcroGL from MRIcron. On clicking the Import (Convert DICOM to NifTI), dcm2niix opens up. In the GUI I have options to edit the naming pattern for my output file. However, I am unable to use the following keys in the naming pattern: r, i, p, a, s, l. 

For example, pressing "a" would change the view to axial (in the background MRIcroGL) but won't show up in the Output Name field. Similarly for other keys. I am assuming they are handy shortcut keys but seems like MRICroGL is unable to keep a track of which window is open (dcm2niix instead of MRIcroGL). When I press any of these keys the text refreshes but the keys don't get registered.

I have tested the problem on two computers running Windows 7. Interestingly, I am able to paste any of these (r i p a s l) into the output naming field. Is this a known issue?

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Potential bug while using dcm2niix module
Jan 17, 2017