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Feb 7, 2017  07:02 PM | Lauren Nelson
Error reading gifti into Matlab
Hi all,

I'm working with HCP data. Starting with some of their cifti dscalar.nii files of individual subject myelin and task-based contrasts, I pulled out specific columns from their task-based contrasts using -cifti-merge. Then, I combined these individual one-column dscalar files into one cifti file with 500 columns again using cifti-merge. Finally, I converted this to a metric gifti using cifti-separate. The gifti looks great in wb_view. However, I'm getting an error reading it into matlab with Guillaume Flandin's gifti library:

Error using read_gifti_file_standalone (line 20)
[GIFTI] Loading of XML file
AllWM14CLeft.func.gii failed.
Error in gifti (line 71)
this = read_gifti_file_standalone(varargin{1},giftistruct);

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm using the 1.6 version of the gifti library so I think it's up to date.