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Feb 21, 2018  11:02 AM | Juha Pajula - VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd / Tampere University of Technology
RE: Error when running main process on grid

Can you tell us what kind of grid you are using, or what kind of grid selection you have done?
Currently supported grid engines are Slurm and SGE variants. Torque support is experiemental. Condor grids are not supported.

You can check the output of the processes from the scripts folder in the root of your analysis folder.
Files ending with exxxxx are the error files which probably tell the reason why the system does not work.

-Juha Pajula

Originally posted by Nobody:

Im trying to run the ISC toolbox 3.0 on a linux cluster. The analysis works fine when I force local computing. When I try to run it on the grid I type: 

--partition=HPC --mem=8096 --time=2-0

The program does submit a batch job but only for a few seconds, then it disappears from the queue. I've tried making sure that the destination directory is new. 

Any suggestions are very appreciated. 


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RE: Error when running main process on grid
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