isc-toolbox: Inter-subject correlation analysis for fMRI in Matlab

This Matlab toolbox performs inter-subject correlation (ISC) based analysis of fMRI data and includes a GUI for the visualization of the resulting thresholded statistical maps.

The toolbox contains functions to carry out various ISC based analysis such as mean, frequency band, time window and phase synchronization ISC analysis. All analyses can be run from a GUI. Isc-toolbox includes also automated support for Slurm/SGE based grid environments.

A set of visualization tools - particularly designed for ISC analyses - are integrated to the GUI. Visualization tools contain functionalities to which standard functional neuroimaging packages are difficult to adapt.

Reference: J.-P. Kauppi, J. Pajula J and J. Tohka (2014). A Versatile Software Package for Inter-subject Correlation Based Analyses of fMRI. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 8:2.

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