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May 7, 2018  04:05 AM | Pilar Espana
Problems running SPHARM-PDM tool
Hello users,

I am having problems using the SPHARM-PDM module. I read the user tutorial (May 2017) but when I apply the module, the status says completed with errors.

The purpose of my PhD is to make the comparison between two hemi-mandibles (right and left) and find if there is any asymmetry (quantifying the distance between every correspondent point).
After doing all the previous steps, and using a voxel-based registration, I get the volume (.vtk) of each one and then I create a new file with the module Model to Model distance, getting the colormap file (.vtk).

I try to do the SPHARM-PDM analysis with this file (colormap) to do the statistics in a simpler way, but I have errors. Probably it is because I am not clicking or selecting the correct parameters.

I attach a file to show what I do.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance
Attachment: screen.docx

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Problems running SPHARM-PDM tool
Pilar Espana May 7, 2018
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