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Aug 27, 2018  08:08 PM | Rosalyn Hithersay - UCL
AtlasViewer Probe Fabrication Error: incorrect alignment
Hi there, 

I'm trying to use the 'register atlas to head size' and 'probe fabrication error' tools in AtlasViewer but have run into a few problems. I'm using Homer2 V2_3 with Matlab R2016a.

Initially, I got the following error message: 
Reference to non-existent field 'AlAr'.

Error in ellipse_1020_costfun (line 20)
f = (HC-headSize.HC)^2 + (IzNz-headSize.IzNz)^2 + (AlAr-headSize.AlAr)^2;


I updated headSize.AlAr in ellipse_1020_costfun to headSize.LPARPA which seems to have fixed the register to head size problem.

When I try to look at the probe fabrication error though, it seems to be missing out short-separation channels. I have digpts files from a group of participants for an array with 16 sources and 16 detectors, making 44 channels: 42 at 30mm and 2 at 10mm. However, I only get 30 sets of co-ordinates for the errors. I plotted the locations for the SD file and the group means from the 30 sets given, and it looks like for the SD file the short seps are there, but the last two detectors are missed off. For the group means form the digitised points, it looks like the detectors for the two short-sep channels are missing, but that then means that the order of the detectors is different from the SD file, making it look like there's a large placement error for some detectors.

Is there a way to include all sources and detectors?