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Jun 16, 2019  01:06 PM | Martin Styner
RE: DTIPrep Error with Default Protocol (Bad DWI)
Hi Hayley

This is not an error of DTIPrep, but rather when reading your DWI-NRRD file the importer detects an issue, specifically that the number of DWI volumes does not match the number of gradient directions specified in the header. Likely this is a conversion issue when you generated the NRRD file.

1) how did you generate the NRRD file?

2) look at the header (it's ASCII, so you can look at it with any text editor): what is the header information? how many gradients are specified and how many volumes should there be?


Originally posted by Hayley Clocksin:

I am just starting out with DTIPrep through the Slicer extension (version 4.4.0)and have run into the error "Bad DWI: mismatch between gradient image # and gradient vector #!" when I try to use the default protocol. This error has come up on different data sets from two different research centers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 


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RE: DTIPrep Error with Default Protocol (Bad DWI)
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