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Login Name: styner
Real Name: Associate Professor Martin Styner
Email Address: styner @nospam@
Address: Department of Psychiatry and Computer Science
Phone: 919-843-1092
Site Member Since: 2008-03-11 17:47
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This user is a member of the following groups:
UNC Primate Brain Atlas
DWI/DTI Quality Control Tool: DTIPrep
UNC Human Brain Atlas
shapeAnalysisMANCOVA - SPHARM tools
DTIProcess ToolKit
DTI Fiber Tract Statistics
Diffusion Tractography with Kalman Filter
MeshValmet: Validation Metric for Meshes
NIRAL Utilities
CCSeg - Corpus Callosum Segmentation
CalaTK - Atlas Building TK
DTI Atlas Builder
Rodent Cortical Thickness Analysis
UNC/Utah NAMIC DTI Fiber Analysis Framework
2008 MICCAI MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge
UNC-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus MRI Database
Emory-UNC Developmental Macaque Structural and DTI Atlases
CIVILITY : Cloub based Interactive Visualization of Tractography Brain Connectome
The EBDS Infant DTI Fiber Atlases

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