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Aug 6, 2019  09:08 PM | Kyle Kern - NINDS
Lesion Toads and MIPAV v8.0.2
I'm having trouble getting LesionToads to work and I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem.

I input a skull stripped T1 (in native space) and a skull stripped FLAIR aligned to the T1 (both .nii.gz format). I used the atlas file cruise-atlas-11obj-lesiontoads2009.txt for all 3 Atlas Files, because it won't let me run if I don't specify all 3. I save to a directory. It initializes and then fails during the alignment (see data output below). The progress bar goes to 20% and then closes.

I believe I've allocated enough memory (12 GB).
I'm using MIPAV v8.0.2 on a Mac OS 10.14.6.
I got the TOADS_2008 plugin to work on the same T1 image

anyone else have this issue or know how to address it?



Atlas alignment
---------- Performance Summary ----------
1) Algorithm Calculation -- ELAPSED TIME: Actual: 4.62 sec / CPU: 4.52 sec

TOTAL ELAPSED TIME: Actual: 4.62 sec / CPU: 4.52 sec
CURRENT MEMORY: Used 2605 MB, Free 11769 MB, Total 14375 MB