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Aug 19, 2019  09:08 AM | Babak Ardekani
RE: Installation problem
Originally posted by lll55555:

I found the 3dwarper, and downloaded it.
1. I moved 3dwarper file to /usr/local/art/bin/
2. changed the permission on this file as -rwxrwxr-x

When I typed 3dwarper -h, it says there is not such command.
But, it works, typing ./3dwarper -h in /usr/local/art/bin.

I'm new to linux. Can u help me out?

I set environment variable like this as the instruction, installing acpcdetect.

Set the $ARTHOME environment variable. To set $ARTHOME, csh and tcsh users should
add this line in their '.cshrc' or '.tcshrc' files:

setenv ARTHOME /usr/local/art
sh and bash users should instead add these lines in their '.profile' or '.bashrc':
export ARTHOME
Seems like you have gotten it running properly on your system.  Please read the documentation on 3dwarper which is also online.

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RE: Installation problem
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