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Oct 5, 2019  09:10 AM | Ari Kahn
Incorrect splitting of sequence
I've been acquiring data on a Siemens Prisma scanner, and when converting the resulting data, I'm finding that occasionally, it's getting split in half (literally, the first file has the left 1/3 of the brain, and the second file has the right 2/3), with the message 'Slices not stacked: coil varies'

The files themselves are titled xxx_cHEA;HEP.nii and xxx_c.nii

When I look at verbose output from dcm2niix, I see about half the dicoms list: coilCRC 1867007786
and the other half: coilCRC 0

So it seems like dcm2niix is picking up on some change halfway through the sequence, but not sure where to start with this.

Happy to provide more info.


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Incorrect splitting of sequence
Ari Kahn Oct 5, 2019
Chris Rorden Oct 9, 2019