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Apr 6, 2020  05:04 PM | acaten
Second-level results interpretation
Dear community,

Our lab is investigating pre to post changes due to a fMRI neurofeedback training focusing on Amygdala regulation.

For preprocessing we included ART for quality assurance and were wondering if there exists minimum sample size necessary to use it? Our sample consists of 36 participants.
In second-level analysis I conducted Seed-to-Voxel and ROI-to-ROI analysis with Amygdala as Seed/Source. 

I attached a screenshot of both Seed-to-Voxel and ROI-to-ROI analysis I conducted and wanted to ask:

1. Where do the values for effect-size get saved? I only see them if I plot the effects and can't find them in my results folder. 

2. Interpretation of S2V: Is there a minimum %- coverage of a cluster to make it meaningful for interpretation?

3. Interpretation of ROI-to-ROI: Are those settings correct if I want to check connectivity strenght between a couple of ROI's of interest?

Thanks in advance!
Attachment: s2v_r2r.png