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Dec 16, 2020  07:12 PM | Martin Styner
RE: Tractography
Hi Christine

The data is stored in NRRD format, and thus the DWI NRRD header information contains the full gradient table. 
There is a tool in Slicer ( called DWIConvert (use at least version 4.6) that can convert NRRD to NIFTI and thus write out bvals and bvecs.

The NRRD header is in text and thus you can easily look at it (e.g. with a header). The gradient table encoding is described here:

We also created age specific DTI atlases with reconstructed tracts, but have not yet been able to put these on the download page. Let us know if you are interested in these.


Originally posted by Christine Charvet:
Thank you for making these data available. I am interested in reconstructing tracts through these macaque brains. I see there are some DWI images. I assume that the scans would be accompanied by a gradient table to reconstruct fibers. I am not sure where that information is?



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RE: Tractography
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