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Mar 18, 2021  12:03 PM | Bassam Al-Fatly
PAR file/extract orientation matrix
Dear Chris

I have a only PAR files of subjects (DWI acquisition) which I want to know the image orientation matrix from. Reading though the PAR file text, there is no direct way of inferring such info, the problem is that I don't have associated REC file to convert using dcm2niix, have tried this however and was successful on some PAR/REC files and can read orientation matrix from json file. I have coupled the PAR files I have with other REC files from other subjects just to deceive dcm2niix to extract for me json files, is it okay to do so? or that will extract orientation matrix differently from what expected since I am using unmatched REC files?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Best Regards


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PAR file/extract orientation matrix
Bassam Al-Fatly Mar 18, 2021
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Bassam Al-Fatly Mar 18, 2021