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Feb 14, 2012  07:02 PM | David Kennedy
RE: CANDIShare Atlses V1.1 Released
We are pleased to announce the next release of the
CANDIShare atlases. Version 1.1 of the CANDIShare Atlases includes
Linear and nonlinear registration to the NMI152_T1_2mm space (FLIRT
& FNIRT). Also includes structural label probabilities, as well as
maximum probability labeling templates, and group averaged MRI scans for
the diagnostic groups reported in Frazier JA, Hodge SM, Breeze JL,
Giuliano AJ, Terry JE, Moore CM, Kennedy DN, Lopez-Larson MP, Caviness VS, Seidman LJ, Zablotsky B, Makris N.
Diagnostic and sex effects on limbic volumes in early-onset bipolar
disorder and schizophrenia. Schizophr Bull. 2008 Jan;34(1):37-46.

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RE: CANDIShare Atlses V1.1 Released
David Kennedy Feb 14, 2012