open-discussion > What do you think of the "Subscription" idea?
Jul 15, 2013  06:07 PM | Andrew Worth
What do you think of the "Subscription" idea?
Neuromorphometrics is offering access to our ever-improving database of manually labeled MRI brain scans as a subscription.  The idea is that we will be able to grow the database by spreading the cost of labeling to everybody who wants to use the scans.

If you purchase either an academic or corporate license, we will use that support to constantly label more scans and to improve our labelings both by adding new regions of interest and also by finding and fixing problems.

We now have an analysis pipeline is place that is highly optimized for producing the best quality fully-labeled neuroanatomical segmentations that are available anywhere.  We're ready to capture the variation of the structure of the human brain, but we need your support because even 1000 individuals is not enough!

Please let me know what you think of this subscription idea!