Release Name: BPDwithPsy_1.0

Preprocessed images of the Bipolar Disorder with psychosis subjects group (N=19) from the article: Frazier JA, Hodge SM, Breeze JL, Giuliano AJ, Terry JE, Moore CM, Kennedy DN, Lopez-Larson MP, Caviness VS, Seidman LJ, Zablotsky B, Makris N. Diagnostic and sex effects on limbic volumes in early-onset bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Schizophr Bull. 2008 Jan;34(1):37-46.

This is the third release of a set of imaging and segmentation results related to this paper.

The release is provided as a gziped tar file of a set of directories containing the data.

The root directory is for the paper, SchizBull_2008/, and contains subdirectories for the 4 diagnostic groups: Healthy Controls (HC), bipolar disorder without psychosis (BPDwithoutPsy), bipolar disorder with psychosis (BPDwithPsy) and schizophrenia spectrum (SS). Each of these subdirectories will contain separate subdirectories for each subject. These subject directories will contain the CMA preprocessed image that was submitted to the anatomic segmentation process, and the results of the general segmentation and cortical parcellation (when available). These files will be NIfTI.gz and called {$SUBJECT_ID}_{$TYPE}.nii.gz; where $TYPE will be 'procimg' for preprocessed images, 'seg' for general segmentation, and 'parc' for cortical parcellation results. The seg and parc analysis results are 'n-ary' images, where the fill value represents the specific anatomic region.

As this and additional sets of data are released as tar.gz files, they will 'unpack' onto the same directory structure and fill in the released subset of data.

The nature of the CMA preprocessing includes positional normalization to put the image into the standard orientation of the Talairach coordinate space, and bias field correction as described in: Worth AJ, Makris N, Patti MR, Goodman JM, Hoge EA, Caviness VS Jr, Kennedy DN. Precise segmentation of the lateral ventricles and caudate nucleus in MR brain images using anatomically driven histograms. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 1998 Apr;17(2):303-10.

Diagnostic group basic demographic information is provided in the diagnostic subdirectory in a .csv file entitled {$DIAG}_Basic_Demographics.csv. This file contains age, gender, and handedness for each of the subjects in the diagnostic group.