Release Name: v.1.10.6

ShapeAnalalysisModulenew quality control.

At the end of the running, sevral mrml scenes are created : scenes with all the vtk (ShapeAnalysisModuleMRMLscene_allVTK) and files with a few (ShapeAnalysisModuleMRMLscene_X_Y).
To choose how many .vtk are shown in those files, 2 new arguments have been created :  --HorizontalGridPara and  --VerticalGridPara XX . By default the grid is 5*5.
All the files with Phi or Tetha in there names display the .vtk with a color Map (Phi or Theta).

NB: the files whose names contains index but no colormap are suppose to : 1st diplay anly the template with a random color and then as snapshot display the x .vtk files with Phi and then Theta colormap. The snapshot don't work correctly: 3 .vtk are missing.
To do the quality control, use the ShapeAnalysisModuleMRMLscene_Phi_X_Y.mrml  and ShapeAnalysisModuleMRMLscene_Theta_X_Y.mrml files

ShapeAnalyisMANCOVA    name changes

the normDistProjection files become DiffMagnitude files

WARRING: the mrml scene for the quality control are created thanks to CreateMrml. The executable is not provided in the zip. But the source codes are available.