Release Name: Convert freesurfer asegstats2table & aparcstats2table for multiple subjects


This applescript can be used to control asegstats2table and aparcstats2table commands in order to generate text/ascii tables of freesurfer stats data for all subjects in the directory at once using 4 mouse clicks![/b]
This script is suitable for MAC only.

The main purpose of this script is to simplify and automate conversion process because subjects’ IDs should be written with some options in the command line depending on freesurfer stats file. So users will not need to write any thing when they use this script instead of command line;

asegstats2table --subjects bert ernie fred margaret --meas volume --tablefile aseg_stats.txt
aparcstats2table --subjects bert ernie fred margaret --hemi rh --meas thickness --tablefile aparc_stats.txt
To visit script page in Freesurfer website please click on the following link



But in bash script, which works on both Linux and MAC, user needs to copy this script to data directory and execute it from there. If you will use stats2table_bash.command file copy it to your subjects' directory then execute it using stats2table_bash.command. with you can do the same thing but you cant double click