Release Name: HID Graphical User Interface 1.6.2

The Human Clinical and Imaging Database has been designed so that it can be customized and extended to contain relevant information from any particular sites needs without requiring modification to the schema itself. This information consists of data concerning the research subjects used in an experiment, subject assessments and demographics, the experimental data collected, the experimental protocols used and any annotations or statistics (metadata) normally included with an experiment or study. Additionally, the database architecture uses row level fine-grain database security allowing for tight control over which individual records and fields are visible to a particular user.
The user interface architecture is based on three tier Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture. It consists of a thin client tier, a servlet/JSP based middle tier and a relational database based enterprise information source (EIS) tier. The client tier consists of a web browser. The EIS tier consists of the Human Clinical and Imaging Database and a collection of stored procedures/packages for low level data access functions. The middle tier decouples presentation logic, i.e. code preparing data to be present to the user, and business logic, the code manipulating human brain imaging and/or clinical data, which allows flexibility in presentation layer selection and facilitates parallel multi-person/multi-site development. Each software layer communicates with neighbor layers via well defined interfaces, which remain stable while the actual implementation can change drastically over time facilitating software maintenance and robustness.

The complete system is used to manage and query local data at various research sites within BIRN. In addition to local operations, the system allows for mediated queries across multiple federated databases allowing researchers to discover data across all relevant sites. The current system provides an intuitive and easy to use clinical and/or derived data complex query builder, query result export for statistical analysis tools, statistical analysis of query results through the BIRN Portal, MRI image preview, conversion and download of the imaging data, as well as integration with BIRN Portal tools for data management and manipulation. Additionally, the system is being developed to provide a complete data management solution where all information regarding a subject can be maintained. A majority of the source code is generated from the database schema itself, allowing changes of the database schema to be reflected in the system easily. Development of the system continues to be a coordinated and parallel effort across multiple BIRN sites. The deployed architecture provides the extensibility, maintainability, security and parallel development features as demanded by the participating BIRN sites for building, accessing and maintaining their human brain imaging and related clinical data.