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Jan 27, 2012 Genetics support
The SVN genetics branch contains our recent alpha version of support for Illumina platform genotype data import/query/export. Exports are available in formats appropriate for Plink....
Jul 18, 2011 svn branch version 2.3
we are actively working on a new release version of the HID web user interface. Checkout the SVN branch 2.3 for beta version of the release which includes improved save/load/delete...
Aug 20, 2009 HID release 2.2 with GridFTP/GSI support
HID web app release 2.2beta and HID schema/scripts release 2.2 are available. They can be downloaded from source control (read more...) svn co svn...
Oct 18, 2008 Latest HID Release (v1.6.3)
The latest version of the HID system has been release (v1.6.3) and includes updated PostGreSQL backup scripts in addition to a build installation file for ease and efficiency. Please...