Release Name: CBS Tools 3.0 (bundle)

This is the release 3.0 of the CBS Tools software. It is now based on JIST 3.0 and MIPAV 6.0.1 (MIPAV 7.0.+ would work too, although there can be problems in MIPAV under Java 1.7).

Included in this release bundle are the CBS Tools, the JIST environment and the CRUISE software package. The CBS Tools are aimed at high-resolution brain image processing at 400 microns and beyond. It supports MP2RAGE quantitative T1 data as well as more traditional MPRAGE and other sequences at 3T and 7T.

Notable features include:
- detailed whole brain segmentation
- high resolution cortical reconstruction for the cerebrum and the cerebellum
- cortical depth estimation and cortical profiling that respects layer geometry
- symmetric diffeomorphic cortical surface registration in 3D space
- tools for intensity normalization, partial volume and arteries filtering, etc
- dedicated MP2RAGE processing tools (skull stripping, background suppression, filtering...)

This version marks a big step from version 2.0, and the CBS Tools modules are now listed under 'CBS Tools' rather than 'CBS'. JIST 3.0 only accepts layouts in the .LayoutXML format, so old layouts in .layout must be converted prior to installing this new version. Input modules for JIST have also been simplified, but this means older modules are not necessarily valid anymore. Note that installing version 2.0 and then 3.0 on top will maintain some compatibility with older modules.