Release Name: GraphVar_beta_v_0.4

UPDATES GraphVar beta 0.4

1. Create Connectivity Matrix:
- Acceleration of connectivity matrix generation (achieved through vectorization)

2. Network Construction:
- Calculate and export graph topological measures now also without applying thresholds (i.e., on the fully connected matrix)
- Modify weights in the matrices by using "absolute weights" or "negative weights to zero"

3. Network Calculations
- GraphVar will warn you at the densities were negative weights will enter your calculations
- Inclusion of "Rich Club Coefficient" (please ignore the node labels in the export -> each column stands for level k)

4. Statistics
- Inclusion of non-parametric testing on the metric level for correlational analysis (i.e., testing against shuffled data)

5. Results Viewer
- plot single subject association matrices (e.g. for QC)
- plot mean connectivity matrices (i.e., connectivity across subjects) to determine the direction of your effects in more detail

6. Network Inspector
- open your identified graph component immediately in BrainNetViewer for 3D visualization (BrainNetViewer must be added to Matlab with subfolders)