Release Name: AutoSeg_3.3.2_linux64

BUG: The path of the tools that are not required were not written in the std::map that maps the names of the tools to their location on the system
ENH: We changed the extension of the log files to .txt. This allow a user to open them easily when double-clicking on the file without having to chose what software to use to open these files. This is especially useful on MacOS.
BUG: In the BatchMake script, the variable ${parameters} was called in the command line calling N4ITKBiasCorrection but this variable has been removed a long time ago.
ENH: Replaced logging process: Old logging was done by redirecting stdout and stderr directly into files. We replace this system by actually directly writing in a log file from the BatchMake script.
ENH: Updated ITK, ANTS and ABC to newer versions.