Release Name: v2.1

The release has been verified in Matlab 2014b.

The homer2 scripts in the zip file run in matlab on windows, mac, and linux. Documentation on how to run these scripts can be found at .
The Homer2_UI and AtlasViewerGUI executables were built using 64-bit Matlab 2014b on a Windows 8 platform. To run the executables, you need to download and install the 2014b 64-bit MCRInstaller that is freely provided at the mathworks website

-- Updated Homer2 and AtlasViewer to be compatible with Matlab 2014b.

-- Version 2.1 of Homer2_UI.exe abd AtlasViewerGUI.exe were built using Matlab 64-bit 2014b.

-- Improved performance when launching Homer2_UI.exe abd AtlasViewerGUI.exe executables.

-- Added version number to the saved state in atlasViewer.mat for AtlasViewerGUI so that we know what version of the GUI was used to save.

-- Fixed problem in AtlasViewer with left/right flipping when displaying atlas head and reference points.

-- When starting AtlasViewerGUI ask user for subject folder if the current folder doesn't have any atlasViewer files.

-- Fixed problem in AtlasViewer where white dots appeared in the head display in AtlasViewer.

-- Fixed issues in AtlasViewer with finding Colin atlas and tMCimg in the AtlasViewerGUI.exe executable.

-- Added capability to plotProbe in Homer2_UI to plot timecourse with a fixed range amplitude.

-- Modified display MNI coordinates function in AtlasViewer so that now it displays new MNI, even there is no sensitivity volume.

-- Modified hmrMotionArtifact.m and hmrMotionArtifactByChannel.m functions in Homer2_UI to also use the manually set excluded time range.

-- Added "get brain activation sensitivity at MNI coordinates" tool in AtlasViewer.

-- Allow user to enter MNI coordinates in an edit box in AtlasViewer and have them projected from the Atlas cortex to head surface.

-- Fixed a bug in hmrDeconvHRF_DriftSS.m in Homer2_UI.

-- Added brain transparency edit box in AtlasViewer that controls the transparency level for pial and brain labels.

-- Rebuilt non-debug version of tMCimg.exe for windows to output single precision .2pt files instead of double.

-- Fixed bugs with process of converting Freesurfer files to atlas viewer files, that can be loaded in AtlasViewerGUI.