Release Name: gwtga

The topography of the brain white matter was first measured using Klingler's brain dissection technique in early post-mortem studies 30 years ago. However, our understanding of it is still limited. We systematically develop a reliable in vivo and non-invasive measure of the whole-brain white matter topography. The package contains the implementation of group-wise white matter topography analysis and the code for reproducing the results presented in:
- Wang, Junyan and Yonggang Shi. A Measure of Whole-Brain White Matter Topography, submitted for review, 2019
- Junyan Wang and Yonggang Shi, A Fast Fiber k-Nearest-Neighbor Algorithm with Application to Group-wise White Matter Topography Analysis, The 26th biennial international conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging - IPMI, 2019

This package comes with the source codes of the proposed new algorithms, pre-computed results and the source codes for reproducing the figures and quantitative results reported in the manuscript.