Release Name: fMRI_CPCA GUI

Notes:  Stable release

Changes:  Stable release

Nov 22,2012:  [] minor typo fixed affecting PC version   
Dec 10,2012:  [] fixed issue with user defined covariant inclusion
Jan 07,2013:  [] Discovered bug in multi run G timing imports repaired
Apr 02,2013:  [] Image name use rotation method at front of file name
                                       mask creation produces output logs for error and other issue detection
                                       Multiple Component selection and logging for flipping
Jun 05,2013:  [] standardized internal operations
Jun 27,2013:  [] Matlab crash under windows 7 during component flipping resolved
Aug 21, 2014 [] matlab versioning implemented to confirm java path updates
Sept. 15, 2016[] Updated to run with Matlab 2014b GUI updates