Aperture Neuro: An Open Publishing Platform of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping

The purpose of Aperture Neuro is to enable a diverse approach to sharing and communicating high quality, community-based, open neuroscience while bringing transparency and interactivity to the publishing process.

Our Goals - Share openly timely and relevant research results, data, and tools with the human brain mapping and neuroscience communities.
* Be a community-based publishing platform, offering a scientific society based governance.
* Beyond the PDF: Broaden the definition of a peer-reviewed publication to encompass novel Research Objects.

Scope of Submissions - Aperture Neuro is an open-access peer-reviewed online publishing platform. Aperture Neuro publishes articles (research reports and reviews) and other research objects, including tutorials, workshops, processing pipelines, software, simulations, registered report (protocol), interactive object, computational notebooks, and datasets.


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