Brede Toolbox

The Brede Toolbox is a package for neuroinformatics and neuroimaging analysis mostly programmed in Matlab with a few additional programs in Python and Perl. It allows coordinate-based meta-analysis and visualization, neuroimaging analysis of voxel or regional data. Among the algorithms implemented are kernel density estimation (for coordinate-based meta-analysis), independent component analysis, non-negative matrix factorization, k-means clustering, singular value decomposition, partial correlation analysis with permutation testing and partial canonical correlation analysis. Visualization of coordinate, surfaces and volumes are possible in 2D and 3D.
Generation of HTML for results are possible and algorithms can be accessed from the command line or via a flexible graphical interface. With the Brede Toolbox comes the Brede Database with a small coordinate database from published neuroimaging studies, and ontologies for, e.g., brain function and brain regions.


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