CanlabCore object oriented Matlab toolbox for interactive analysis of neuroimaging data
This repository contains core tools for MRI/fMRI/PET analysis from the Cognitive and Affective Neuorscience Lab (Tor Wager, PI) and our collaborators. The tools provide a high-level language for interacting with neuroimaging data. The idea is to take preprocessed data or even the results of single-subject analyses and import them into lightweight, flexible data objects specialized for neuroimaging visualization and analysis. These objects allow for interactive analysis with simple commands that allow you to view neuroimaging data with SPM's interactive brain viewer, perform multivariate predictions, independent components analysis, and other user friendly and robust neuroimaging data analyses. The repository also includes other useful toolboxes, including fMRI design optimization using a genetic algorithm, fMRI HRF estimation, fMRI analysis with Hierarchical Exponentially Weighted Moving Average change-point analysis, various fMRI diagnostics and more.