CutNII - Custom-angle slicer for brain atlas volumes

CutNII provides visualization and slicing of 3D isotropic image data (e.g. MRI) and atlases. The software features orthogonal views of the three standard planes (coronal, sagittal, horizontal) and a custom-angle slice cut through the volume. Slicing generates an arbitrarily positioned, oriented and sized rectangular sample from the dataset.

The main use of CutNII is to produce custom-angle atlas slices that match histological sections with non-standard cutting angles. In addition, custom slices allow inspection of anatomical features from non-conventional angles.

Multi-modality atlasing datasets to be provided with CutNII:

- Waxholm Space Atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain (T2* MRI, DTI, and delineations)
- Allen Mouse Brain Atlas reference atlas (grayscale Nissl volume reconstruction and delineations)

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