Joint-Label Fusion Brain Atlases for Dementia Research in Down Syndrome

The MRI Joint-Label Fusion brain atlases are specifically designed for PET amyloid accumulation in the dementia and Alzheimer's Disease research of the Down Syndrom population. They are high resolution brain atlases constructed using the Advanced Normalization Tool's (ANT's) joint-label-fusion algorithm (JLF). The JLF atlases were constructed from T1-weighted structural images of 83 adults Down Syndrome participants reflecting accurate shape, size and regional boundaries of their brains. Another JLF atlas was constructed from T1-weighted images of 56 cognitively stabled neurotypical (i.e. healthy) participants. The atlases are designed to be used based on the participant's diagnosis status (e.g. dementia, cognitively stables) and disease status (e.g. Down Syndrome).

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