DW-MRI registration in FSL

This code registers linearly and non-linearly Diffusion Weighted Magnetic Resonance Images (DW-MRIs) by extending FLIRT (linear registration of 3D scalar volumes) and FNIRT (non-linear registration of 3D scalar volumes) in the FMRIB Software Library (FSL) to work with 4D volumes. The basis for registering DW-MRIs is the concept of Angular Interpolation (Tao, X., Miller, J. V., 2006. A method forregistering diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images. In: MICCAI. Vol. 9. pp. 594–602), which is implemented and extended to non-linear registration, based on the FLIRT and FNIRT models in FSL. See http://www.frontiersin.org/Brain_Imaging...

The code does not overwrite FLIRT, FNIRT or any of the FSL C++ code. It is added as FLIRT4D, FNIRT4D and supporting cost functions. The makefiles will however be overwritten to compile the new code, without affecting any version of FSL.

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