MATLAB Tutorial on Diffusion Tensor MRI

This is an on-line tutorial on how to use MATLAB for Diffusion-Weighted MRI processing. The following subjects are covered in this tutorial: Generation of Synthetic Diffusion-Weighted MRI datasets, Diffusion Tensor (DTI) Estimation from DW-MRI, DTI Visualization as a field of ellipsoids, Higher-order Diffusion Tensor Estimation from DW-MRI, Computing of Tensor Orientation Distribution Functions (Tensor ODF), Computing of Fiber Orientations, Higher-order Diffusion Tensor Image Visualization as fields of spherical functions, Multi-fiber reconstruction etc.

The tutorial contains numerous illustrations, figures and Matlab scripts embedded in the text. The reader/user can automatically generate Matlab script for a self-designed DW-MRI experiment by selecting which steps needs to be followed. The code that corresponds to the selected steps is then appropriately merged in the "Matlab Script Generator", and the user can easily copy and paste the produced code directly to the Matlab command prompt.
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