Effect of autobiographical false memory on the complexity of neural oscillations

Cerebral phonology of this research by Contact instruments psych lab
EEG 891 channels were monitored. This device is a product of Lehman country. The impedance of the electrode is below
1 kV was maintained. The signals are amplified with an EEG amplifier tuned to a filter
Passing down from 43 Hz and fixed time of 83 seconds, it is digitized by sampling vector 8314
Hz was performed and the male was reduced to 113 Hz for better analysis
However, analyses were performed only on the data acquired during the recognition phase. Electrodes were utilized in a 10-20 system of electrode placement (FPZ, FP1, FP2, F7, F3, Fz, F4, F8, FT7, FC3, FCZ, FC4, FT8, T3, C3, CZ, C4, T4, TP7, CP3, CPZ, CP4, TP8, T5, P3, Pz, P4, T6, O1, Oz and O2) with left mastoids (behind the ear) as the ground, and right lobule of auricle as the reference electrode. With a sampling frequency of 256Hz, the electrode impedance was less than 5kΩ for the duration of the experiment.


BIRN Data License