FVGWAS: Fast Voxelwise Genome Wide Association Analysis

The Fast Voxelwise Genome Wide Association analysiS (FVGWAS) framework to efficiently carry out whole-genome analyses of whole-brain data. FVGWAS consists of three components including a heteroscedastic linear model, a global sure independence screening (GSIS) procedure, and a detection procedure based on wild bootstrap methods. Speci cally, for standard linear association, the computational complexity is O(n*N_V*N_C) for voxelwise genome wide association analysis (VGWAS) method compared with
O((N_C+N_V)*n^2) for FVGWAS. Our FVGWAS may be a valuable statistical toolbox for large-scale imaging genetic analysis as the field is rapidly advancing with ultra-high-resolution imaging and whole-genome sequencing.

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