Generalized Covariance Analysis (gCVA)

Generalized Covariance Analysis: a platform for any PCA-based analysis on functional neuroimaging data (PET and fMRI).


- Ordinal Trend Canonical Variance Analysis for parametric designs
(C. Habeck et al. A New Approach to Spatial Covariance Modeling of Functional Brain Imaging Data: Ordinal Trend Analysis. Neural Computation 2005; 17: 1602-1645)

- Partial Least Squares for any design matrix

- Subprofile Scaling Model for cross-sectional designs
(JR. Moeller, Strother SC. A regional covariance approach to the analysis of functional patterns in positron emission tomographic data.J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 1991 Mar;11(2):A121-35.)

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GNU General Public License (GPL)