ICH & PHE segmentation from non-contrast head CT v5
Input: non-contrast head CT
Output: ICH + PHE region

II) Run the application on Linux
1. Download the file "form*.zip"
2. Extract the file
3. Go to the folder: formV5
4. Run the command: ./formV5

III) Using the application
1. Segmentation
- Select "Load 3D head CT" and browse to the file. It will show the file information and we can select "Show brain window"
- Select "Segmentation". After running, it will show the status: error or successful.
- Select "Show results" to see brain+ICH+PHE
2. Batch segmentation
- Select "Load CT folders": browse to the folder containing *.nii.gz
- Select "Segmentation All": it will show the status of processing each patient.
All the file segmentation results are saved in the same folder of input files + "\output".
3. We uploaded the Lite version to run faster in your computer. Please contact if you need more information.

Execution Options

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