iElectrodes is an open source toolbox to semiautomatically localize and label intracranial electrodes in 2-3 minutes. The toolbox precisely localizes subdural grids (ECoG) and depth (SEEG) electrodes using MRI and CT images.

2D and 3D visualization simplify the comprehension of anatomical locations.

Also, it is possible to add anatomical information (brain parcellation images) and surfaces from Freesurfer. Data can be exported in multiple formats, including EEGLAB and Fieldtrip.

Additionally, grid electrodes can be corrected for brain shift or compression effects, and projected to brain surface.

Planning of depth electrode implantation is fast and easy.

More information in our paper Blenkmann et al., Front. Neuroinformatics, 2017


Category:Atlas Application, Simulation, Position, Three Dimensional Display, Two Dimensional Display, Surface Rendering, Workflow
License:GNU General Public License v3
Development Status:5 - Production/Stable/Mature
Domain:Computational Neuroscience, CT, EEG/MEG/ECoG, MR
Intended Audience:Developers, End Users
Natural Language:English
Operating System:OS Independent
Programming Language:MATLAB
Supported Data Format:NIfTI-1
Other Keywords: SEEG iEEG