MouseBIRN Atlasing Toolkit (MBAT)

MBAT provides a workflow environment bringing together heterogenous, online biological image resources, a user’s image data and biological atlases in a concise, unified and intuitive workspace. The MBAT viewer displays multiple images on a single virtual canvas allowing easy side-by-side comparisons and image compositing. MBAT is written in Java so it is platform independent and is highly extensible through it’s plugin architecture.

MBAT integrates three distinct workspaces for online search, image alignment (registration) and image display:

Search Workspace: able to submit a query to multiple databases simultaneously and online literature searches.

Registration Workspace: performs 2D landmark based registration.

Viewer Workspace: displays & composites images and image volumes using high performance graphics hardware.

Atlas Viewer: allows navigation and interrogation of volumetric atlases.

Hierarchy Editor: create logical groupings of atlas labels.


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