METH is a collection of MATLAB functions to conduct data analysis of MEG and EEG data. A detailed documentation is contained in the download.
Its main features are:
• EEG and MEG forward calculation in realistic volume conductors based on expansions of the lead fields in spherical harmonics.
• Inverse Calculations: Dipole fitting for ERFs/ERPs and cross-spectra, MUSIC, RAP-MUSIC, SC-MUSIC, minimum norm source reconstruction, eLoreta, and beamformers.
• Power and coupling measures: cross-spectra coherency, cross-bispectra and bicoherence, 1:1 phase locking, power correlation including corrections for artifacts of volume conduction, lagged coherence, phase lag index, multivariate coupling measures robust to artifacts of volume conduction (MIM, MIC, GIM).
• Decomposition: MOCA for two or more source distributions
• Statistics: false discovery rate and permutation test
• Visualization: topo-plots, head-in-head plots and time-frequency plots, MRIs and surface plots (e.g. cortex) including results.


GNU General Public License (GPL)