ModelGUI (or simply mgui) is an open source Java-based project intended to provide a graphic user interface (GUI) for interactions between scientists (or enthusiasts) and their data. In its current (beta) form, mgui offers the following functionality:


Cross-platform functionality (with a Java Runtime installation, runs on Linux, Windows, Mac, or Solaris)
2D rendering of data based upon Java2D, and 3D rendering based upon Java3D
An extensible I/O framework accommodating a variety of standard and non-standard file formats
Database connectivity using JDBC
Graph visualization based upon the JUNG library
An intuitive Swing-based GUI for managing, querying, and visualizing data


Various CAD-type tools for editing and creating geometry
The ability to organize complex datasets into intuitive mgui projects
A processing pipeline interface which allows users to process their datasets with any available Java or native software tools
A computational modelling framework


GNU General Public License (GPL)
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