Melbourne Subcortex Atlas

The Melbourne Subcortex Atlas is a hierarchical functional MRI atlas of the human subcortex (Tian et al 2020 Nat Neurosci). The atlas was derived from healthy young adults participating in the Human Connectome Project and represents a consensus among more than 1000 individuals.
Atlas features:
• Includes subdivisions of the striatum, globus pallidus, thalamus, amygdala and hippocampus.
• Available in four hierarchical scales as well as 3 and 7 Tesla versions.
• Each scale is bilaterally symmetric and defines a self-contained parcellation scheme.
• Delineated in MNI152 6th generation space but also available in MNI152 2009cAsym.
• Integrated into several existing cortex-only parcellation atlases including Glasser2016, Gordon2016 and Schaefer2018.
• Available in CIFTI and NIFTI formats.
• Analysis pipeline and code can be found at
• Read the manuscript:

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Atlas, Functional connectivity, Human, Subcortex, Subcortical nuclei